• Trips made for avid birders
    Birding trips here are made for avid birders including yearly-run trips and new China birding trips developed by AlpineBirding team and guided by our bird experts in the best season. Here we have prepared some most classic birding trips in China for you to choose. No matter which trip you pick, you can always see some most exciting endemic birds in China.
  • Trips for best nature images
    Trips made for photographers and guided by top photographers to get the best images of mammals, flowers, birds, insects, people and sceneries in nature. As a country with abundant bird resources, China has many different kinds of ecological environments to accommodate those birds. So while you are enjoying birds, you also see some spectacular sides such as different forests, flowers at various elevations, wonderful amphibians and insects. These unique resources provide excellent chances for photographers. So we work with some biologists and professional photographers and have planned some unique itineraries. In those itineraries, you can photograph the most attractive birds such as pheasants, cranes,laughingthrushes, alpine flowers and mammals.Our knowledge and professionalism will enable you to get what you want to get through your lens.
  • Birding in & around the cities
    Birding trips for birds only in & near big cities either for people who could only do short birding excursions or for people who only do partly birding and partly natural and cultural exploration.Due to time limitation and personal reasons, some people can't spend long time to go to the remote area for birding, but they still want to see as as many birds as possible. The trips here are specially planned for those people who only have limited number of days available due to their tight schedule or who want to do partly birding and partly cultural exploration. AlpineBirding guide will take you to those popular birding sites near the main cities in China and help you enjoy those star birds in those areas by making best use of your time.
  • Enjoy birding in your own way
    You want to go birding in your own way, looking for your own target birds, birding in your own pace. We can help you to achieve that, having a birding trip as you wish. We only charge you for the services you need and give you prices for different group sizes. We can either book hotels, air tickets, train tickets & cars, or arrange bird guide, either customizing an existing itinerary or planning new itinerary to meet your timing, needs and taste better . They may have more interests of seeing certain kind of birds and are happy to just to go for that. Our custom trips can better meet your needs in this aspect. There are many special birds in Asia,and some of them can only be seen here.We can customize a trip to help you go specifically for those birds. They are from many different familys such as game birds, laughingthrushes, rosefinches, tits, crows, owls, raptors, pigeos and cuckoos.