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Birding In Jiangxi Province
Lying on the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River southeast of China, Jiangxi Peovince covers an area of 166900 square kilometers with a population of 44.57 million. With flat lands in north Jiangxi, east, west and south surrounded by mountains, and a hilly centre, the landform of Jiangxi looks like a basin with a gap in the north.

Jiangxi has a subtropical monsoon climate with shoot winter and abundant rainfall. The province has an excellent nature enviroment with 60.05% of its territory is covered by forest. There are numerous rivers of different sizes in Jiangxi and most of them flow into Poyang Lake- the largest freshwater lake in China. Various landscapes provide birds ideal habitats that near 500 bird species have been recorded in Jiangxi.
Poyang Lake is one of the largest wintering habitat for migratory birds from Siberia while Suichuan county is one of the three important migrating passageways. Over all of the 500 bird species, 84 species are under national key protection.
 The capital of Jiangxi Province is Nanchang, which has a history of 2200 years. Following are some important bird habitats in Jiangxi.

Some Important Birding Sites in Jiangxi

Poyang Lake Reserve
Located in northest of Poyang Lake, Yongxiu County, the reserve is formed by 9 lakes of different sizes. It was established in 1983 and became a national-level nature reserve in 1988. The reserve was included in the List of Ramsar Wetlands of International Important in 1992. Covering 22400 hectares, the reserve is the main wintering habitat for White Stocks and Siberian Cranes of which account for 95% of the total population of the world. The reserve has recorded 310 bird species of which 159 are typical wetland species. The best birding season of Poyang Lake is from October to March of the next year.
Located in northeast of Jiangxi, Wuyuan is well known as the most beautiful country of China. Most of its territory is covered by forest which account for 82%. Wuyuan is the home for the world critically endangered species Yellow-throated Laughingthrshs(Garrulax galbanus) which only exist in two places in China. As a paradise for bird watchers, Wuyuan has recorded 300 bird species. Except the Yellow-throated Laughingthrshs, Pied Falconets(Microhierax melanoleucos) are also stars for bird watchers.
\Suichuan   Suichuan is an imporant migrating passageway for the migratory birds passing Central China. The passageway is a 40 kilometers wide, 30 kilometers long valley which surrounded by mountains over 2000 meters above the sea level. During migrating seasons in May and September, there is air stream passing the valley that migratory birds can use to fly over. Every year there are more than 100 thousand migratory birds which belongs to 180 species pass here. It is also inhabited by some rare endemic residents, including Elliot's Pheasants(Syrmaticus ellioti),and Cabot's Tragopan(Tragopan caboti).

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