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Bird Information of Henan Province
Henan Province, short for ‘Yu’, is located in middle and lower reaches of Yellow River, which is known as cradle for Chinese civilizations. Covering 167,000 square kilometers, the central-China province is the most populous province in China with a total population of 100million. 


Geographically Henan Province serves as the transitional area between north China and south China with animal species typical to both northern and southern China.

Situated in the transitional area between Palaearctic realm and Oriental realm, Henan has bird species from both realms. According to statistics, there are 385 bird species recorded in Henan province, falling into 54 families under 17 orders. Among them 213 species belong to Palaearctic realm while 99 bird species belong to Oriental realm. The bird habitats are quite diverse in this province, ranging from farmlands, wetlands, to forests and scrubs. Henan has abundant botanical resources with about 3979 plant species or variations, which form sub-tropical evergreen, deciduous broadleaf and temperate deciduous broadleaf forest going from north to south because of climate and landforms. There are 1500 rivers of different sizes which have contributed to large number of reservoirs in this province. And along the Yellow River, there are vast wetlands. All these have endowed this province with the abundance of bird species, especially water birds including wintering birds and migrating birds. Statistics show that in Henan Province there are 17 species from Family Ardeidae, 30 species from Family Laridae, 24 species from Family Accipitridae, 8 species from Family Falconidae, 10 Charadriidae and 19 species from Family Scolopacidae.

The climate of Henan Province located in the subtropical and warm temperate zone, Henan has temperate continental climate featuring dry and cold winter but hot summer with lots of rainfalls.
The capital of Henan Province is Zhenzhou, which has a history of 3600 years.
Following are some important Bird Habitats in Henan.

Zhengzhou Huanghe Wetlands
Established in 2004, Zhengzhou Yellow River Wetlands Reserve is the only reserve in Zhengzhou.  The wide river surface, vast river beaches and diverse wetlands in the reserve provide ideal habitats for breeders, wintering birds and migrating birds that drop in to feed. Based on records from past surveys, the reserve has extremely abundant fauna and flora resources with 598 species of vascular, 21 mammals and 169 bird species including White Stork,Red-crowned Crane,Oriental White Stork,Great Bustard,Imperial Eagle,Pllas’s Fish Eagle,The Hooded Crane,Dalmatian Pelican and Greater spotted eagle. 

Dongzhai Nature Reserve
Situated in the south Luoshan County, Dongzhai Nature Reserve was established in 1982 mainly with an aim to protect Reeve’s Pheasant (Syrmaticus reevesii) under the suggestions and guidance of the late World-famous Chinese ornithologist Zheng Zuoxin.  In 2001, the reserve was upgraded to national level nature reserve. The population of Reeve’s pheasant in the reserve is around 1500. The reserve has 245 recorded bird species, accounting for 80% of total bird species in Henan Province or 20% of the total in China. Located in the transitional area between Palaeartic realm and Oriental realm, the reserve has birds from both realms.

Mengjin Huanghe Nature Reserve
  Mengjin Yellow River Nature Reserve is situated in the northeast of Mengjin County. The reserve was set up in 1995 and was incorporated into Henan Yellow River Wetland National Nature Reserve. Totally covering 15,000 hectares, the reserve consists of three parts, namely the core area, which occupies 4500 hectare and includes river maimstream, old riverbed, islands and river beaches; buffer area, which occupies 3500 hectare and experimental area, which occupies 7000 hectares and includes farmlands, forest land, fish ponds and lotus ponds. According to statistics, there are 166 bird species recorded in the reserve, of which 95 species are water birds. This reserve has the largest number of water birds recorded in Henan Province.


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