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'How do you know but every bird that cuts the airy way, is an immense world of delight, closed by your senses five?'

--By William Blake

Alpinebirding team have designed city birding program to share the delight of birding with short-time visitors in cities of China who wish to have birding experiences within a couple of days. We have seperate page for the bird information of each city in China. Please click into the respective city in the following map for more bird information of a certain city.

Birding resources in cites
As an immense country of 9.6 million square kilometers, China is home to 1408 bird species. Among the 31 provinces, almost each one has several endemic birds. The improvement of urban environment in recent years has led to significant increase of resident and migrant birds in cities. With our knowledge and help, you can gain memorable birding experiences in the parks, universities, riverside and other unexpected corners of a city.


Bird experts in Alpinebirding
 Alpinebirding is a leading birding company in China, providing professional birding services around China. We have birding experts in all major cities in China. Our experts have good knowledge about birding spots, birding time and endemic birds. They are personally frequent birders with enthusiasm and affection to birds. To share the same passion of birding with them will be a pleasant experience.


Tour and exploration
Besides birding, we have a whole bunch of programs such as visits to tour attractions, religious sites, modern/organic farms, environment protection work in downtown city and its surrounding areas. They can be easily arranged at your request. Through these programs, you can understand Chinese culture and development in a new prospective. They will certainly bring highlights to your stay.


Logistics and accommodation
With over 10 years experience of working in tourism industry, AlpineBirding team can provide excellent services from birding guide, logistics supports to hotel reservations. Gears like 65mm observation telescope from Swarovski Optik are available for you in our company. We will arrange local snacks and cuisines as well as western food at you request. Also, there are various accommodating options from 5-star hotel to quadrangles (called as siheyuan). Our goal is to provide you the best tour.

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