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T he relative part on the map on the right for Northwest is the yellow part including Xinjiang,Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Western Inner Mongolia. This area is the driest areas in China and has the most barren and driest Gobi desert. Here you can also find huge patches of lush forest and vast grasslands, wetlands and mighty glaciers. Bordering central Asian countries in it northwest, Xinjiang also has some central Asian birds,different from any other parts of China. Qinling of Shanxi is the demarcation line of geographic distribution of animals in China, the mountains there are also excellent places to go birding in China. All in all, the birds in Northwest China are quite unique , rare and precious, including birds living on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau such as Sillem's Mountain Finch, Mongolian Accentor,,Altai Snowcock,Rufous-naped Tit and Snowfinches, and some unique birds living in forests and hilly areas such as Crested Ibis, Golden Pheasant, Chinese Grouse,Sichuan Jay and Snowy-cheeked Laughingthrush. The following trips are only in Northwest China.
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13 days birding expedition on the Roof of the World with an unexpected meeting with the king of the snow mountain.
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