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The Overview of this trip will tell you the following information:
I.  Highlight Birds
II. Trip Briefing
III. Trip Essentials (Price, Guide, Group Size, Dates and Length, etc.)
IV. Inclusions and Exclusions
I. Highlight Birds
Chinese Bulbul,White-browed Laughingthrush, Spotted Dove, Chinese Blackbird, Chinese Grosbeak, Collared Finchbill, Vinous-throated Parrotbill and Black-crowned Night Heron, etc.
II. Trip Briefing
For people who only have one day in Chengdu and want to see panda and birds at the same time, AlpineBirding can make your dream comes true. If you just want to see pandas and birds, we will take you to the biggest and closest one, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Both panda bases have a very nice environment for pandas and birds. If you are interested in panda program, we can take you to Dujiangyan Panda Base of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (hereinafter CCRCGP in short), where you have chance to do panda volunteer program. Depending on different seasons, we may see different birds those two panda bases.
 III. Trip Essentials
Trip Duration: Customizable
• Tour Leader: Customizable
• Difficulty: Easy
• Trip Cost: TBC
• Single Supplement:TBC
• Deposit: TBC
• Trip Size: Customizable
• Space: Open for booking
IV. Inclusions and Exclusions: Based on your requirements.
Birding and Panda Base Visit in Chengdu
In the morning, we will pick you up at your preferred time. In the summer, we suggest that we start early so as to catch up with the active time of pandas and quiet time in the morning so that you can enjoy some less-crowded stay in the panda base. We will drive you to the base and start our birding and panda visit in the base. In the nice habitat, we will have a good chance to see birds such as Red-billed Leiothrix, White-browed Laughingthrush, Chinese Bulbul, Rufous-faced Warbler, Vinous-throated Parrotbills, Spotted Dove, and even a super secretive Chinese Bamboo Partridge. In the base we will also see pandas at different ages, depending on your time of visit, you will see different panda cubs from newborn cubs during nursing season from July to October, to several month cubs in other months. The playful young cubs are always a highlight for our visitors in the past.
After lunch at a local restaurant, we can continue our search for birds, generally, we do not suggest our clients visiting panda base in the afternoon, they are less active and mostly sleeping. But for some clients they prefer to stay longer with the pandas, we can easily do that to ensure their best stay and best travel experiences. For birding, in the afternoon, we can search for birds in some parks in Chengdu city proper or visit some popular site as you wish.
Chengdu has lots of exciting places to visit and look for birds. We can easily extend this one-day birding to multiple-day birding experiences with chances of seeing some nice endemics and many more birds in different habitats, please feel free to let us know about your time availability and personal preferences, then we can work out a plan that can best meet your interest and make best use of your stay.

‘Hi, Philip
I have been busy answering e-mails and writing text for our newsletter and other things since getting back as lots of things needed doing - but things already calming down again.
Thank you for your kind words and can I also say it was a complete pleasure working with you too, the words I said on our final evening were all completely from the heart and I can honestly say that the combination of you and Parus made for an excellent experience from the wildlife and cultural perspective.  The guests were all telling me how much they enjoyed the holiday and how much your input made the holiday for them.  To have someone who could explain and point out aspects of Chinese culture as diverse as architecture, food, religion, day to day life and more was just fantastic.   I would say with hand on heart that this was one of the best trips I have led and for that I have you to thank
I am also very aware that you had a huge amount to think about during the trip – timing the travel days to arrive at a sensible time while still giving us time to enjoy a few stops along the way is not always easy and you did it very well indeed.  Organising our evening meals and breakfasts in the field and so much more is all time consuming and needs thinking through and again you did a fabulous job. In fact the trip simply worked very well indeed and I feel very privileged to have worked with you and visited your wonderful country.  I think the itinerary we chose was superb and clearly both the Terracotta Warriors at the start and pandas at the wend were both extremely popular.’
 ——Roy Atkins, a professional Bird Guide  from UK in Custom Birding Trip in Sichuan in 2015
'Dear Philip, lily and Jiawei,
We are all noww safely back home and Ihave had time to produce my trip reoprt for the wonderful bird tour that you arranged for us. I attach the docuemtns here for your interest - you may use them and adapt them any way you wish if you need to.
 It was a great experience seeing China - the birds, travel, culture, sceerny with you. You did an absoluteyl first rate job in all respects - some of the best service and professional arrqngements and leading of a tour in my 40+ years of experience worldwide to 100 countries and over 300 tours organised and led.
 Thank you all - I will certainly promote your services to my friends and colleagues and hope your business prospers as it deserves. If I can be of any help do let me know.
 Very Best Wishes ' 
 ——Peter Robert and Pia, Peter Rober, a professional bird guide from UK, in Custom Trip in 2013
'Hi Philip
Thanks also for this trip, you were very friendly and professional.
I’ll go to Brasil next week for birdwatching and mammals.'
 ——Michel Watelet,Private Birding Trip in 2013
'Dear Philip,
  Despite the hassles, it has been a very joyful journey! We have had countless happy moments and excellent views of birds many rare birds. Thanks for the excellent arrangements. Looking forward to have chance to bird with you and your colleagues again.
  Yes we indeed need to produce appropriate documents in order to claim insurance. To simplify matters, we will draft a sample letter to you, so that you can reprodue several copies of it, one for each member of the group, with the individual's name and identity appear in the letter. The draft letter should be ready within the next few days. Thanks.
 ——KC Lee from Hong Kong, Custom Winter Birding in Tibet in 2014 and 2015.’
1. How about your bird guides, are they professional enough?
For our one-day birding program, you can always require the kind of guide you prefer, from professional bird guide who has academician background on ornithology to amateur bird guide who has good command of knowledge about other resources you may see during your trip such as cultural attractions. Please make sure tell us your needs, though you just travel with us for one day, we want to make your best travel day by arranging something you will really enjoy.
2. How difficult is this trip?
It will be fairly easy due to time restrictions. We can not drive to the mountains. If possible, please tell us what kind of birds you want to see most, in that way we tell you whether it is possible to find the birds and how difficult it is to find the birds.
3. Shall we meet your guide somewhere? Or can your guide and driver pick me up from my hotel?
Yes, our guide and driver can pick you up from your hotel. Because there are so many hotels in big cities, please tell us the name of your hotel and the phone number of the hotel. In that way, we can accurately locate the hotel and drive to the right hotel at appointed time. To make it easier, we also suggest you tell us time at your convenience when we can call you and talk with your birding excursion briefly.
4. How about the food?
For city birding excursion, it is easy and flexible. We can bring a packed lunch so as to save time and have dinner at restaurant in your preferred style. Just tell us your needs.
5. What kind of birding gears do I need to bring?
Depending on actual needs, we may bring a Swarovski spotting scope and A Field Guide to the Bird of China, you need to bring your own binoculars. If you need, we can also prepare a checklist for this day's excursion at your request.
6. What do AlpineBirding trips include and exclude?
For our city birding program, it is more flexible. The inclusion and exclusions in the cost depending on your decision during our communication.
7. Can I just have a driver who can take me to the birding site?
Yes, you can. We can give you free communication supports through phones. To ensure your enjoyment of the day birding excursion, we need your birding plan or settle the birding plan before your trip so that our driver fully understands, where you want to go and when do you need to come back.

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In this five day birding trip, we saw 116 species of birds in total including four species of elegant cranes, Siberian Crane, White-naped Crane, Hooded Crane and Common Crane, preciou
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