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W e are not just selling trips, we also want to share with you some important information about birds in China. Here we will show you the bird information in three different ways: First we will show the bird information of different provinces in China, clicking into relative page, you can get general information of different provinces including some important sites. Second, we also give you introduction of bird information of each provincial capital cities, so can also get the bird information about those cities and some important birding cites in and around those cities when you click into page of certain city in China. Third, we list the emdemic birds in China and give detailed introduction about those birds and relative journeys. Fourth, we show you geographically how China is divided into seven big bird zones, and the general information about each bird zone.
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In this five day birding trip, we saw 116 species of birds in total including four species of elegant cranes, Siberian Crane, White-naped Crane, Hooded Crane and Common Crane, preciou
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