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As a locally-based company, AlpineBirding provides a variety of services to facilitate your travel and create good birding memories for you with our expertise, passion and knowledge. We provide different services to people with different needs. Our services range from avid birding for serous birders to half cultural exploration and half birding for amateur birders, to top photographers.

The following are the kind of services we are providing now.

Set Birding Trips:
We have carefully made some trips with set departure dates and prices, guided by our full-time guide. These trips have been run successfully for many years by us. If you have interests, you can just pick one and we will do our utmost to create your best birding memories. Please note that our trips are in three different categories, classic birding trips are intended for avid birders, photo trips for professional photographers or those who hope to get the best images and city birding for short birding as well as half birding half exploration in big cities.

Customize existing trips or plan a new trip for individuals
If you want to make the best use of your time, we can customize an existing trip according to your timing and interests to make sure can you enjoy it better. For your convenience, we have listed a number of sample itineraries for you to look at, we can either work on one of those sample itinerary or the trips appear in other categories.

If you only want to go birding on your own and need us to reserve various tickets, hotels for you, we can also help you with this. After years of working in the travel field, we have built a strong network covering many different types of hotels, car rental companies, and scenic areas. We have established solid business relations with them and have signed yearly-based contracts by which we can enjoy discount prices. If you only need us to make reservations to facilitate your trip, we can help you achieve this. 

Gear Renting
If you don’t want to carry so many gears, but you want to use those gears during your birding time, we can also help you in this, such as renting you camera and lens, binoculars, field guide, you only need to tell us what kind of help you need from us, we can tell you whether they are still available or not and the price. We have some storage of those gears but only very limited numbers.

Logistic Supports:
If you are a bird guide or a birding company abroad, you need supports from a local travel agency, we can help you with this, we can either send a bird guide working under the name of your company and make various reservations to smooth your operation. We give you a good group price and constant information and photo support to help you with your marketing. 

Special Experiences
Besides birds, China is also very rich in other natural resources such as mammals, flowers, insects and amphibians and plants, as well as rich cultural resources. We can also help you make good use of the resources and make your trip more memorable.

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In this five day birding trip, we saw 116 species of birds in total including four species of elegant cranes, Siberian Crane, White-naped Crane, Hooded Crane and Common Crane, preciou
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