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Dear Friends & Birders,

Amid the chaos brought by the pandemic, we hope to send our warm greetings to you and tell you we are standing side by side with you in face of the difficulties created by the common enemy of human beings and ready to deliver any help we can to you.  

We hope we can share with you, our dear birders who trusted and supported us in the past, the deep feelings, sincere concerns, and firm confidence about the future from us. In our journey of growth, we have been always inspired by your true love of birds, wildlife and nature, and appreciation of local culture. In the past, you made us strong by taking our tour, sharing your thoughts, and giving us your encouragement. In this special time, we hope we can all stand strong by joining our hands.

Though it is difficult for us to explain all the excitement we share each time when we see a star bird on our trip, no matter the bird is big or small, colorful or plain, the joy we all fell is the same. Since the founding of the company by several local birders who were determined to turn their hobby into a career about 10 years ago, we have been extremely lucky to be accompanied by your trust and supports. They have strengthened our determination to share the beauty of nature with our dearest birders in the most comfortable and enjoyable way.

Though arriving relatively late at the stage for birders, China is blessed with a great variety of habitat types, abundant natural resources, and numerous endemic and special bird species. There are still lots of untouched lands rich in birds awaiting birders from home and abroad to explore. While you are planning where to go for your next birding trip, maybe the Spoon-billed Sandpipers are just making their journey to the vast wetlands and mudflats on the lengthy eastern coastline, or maybe a splendid symphony of pheasants’ breeding is just on stage in the mountain kingdom of southwestern China, or maybe the elegant Black-necked Cranes are flying over the Himalayas and heading to its winter ground in the south. 

In the twinkling of an eye, our journey has continued for 10 years. In the past years, we have successfully explored numerous birding destinations around the world and have been amazed by the beauty of birds. Though now all of us are facing great difficulties brought by the pandemic, just as the Chinese proverb says, ‘no winter will last forever,’ we firmly believe after this darkness, tomorrow will be better and brighter. Whenever you are ready to plan your next birding trip, we are very happy to provide any help we can. We have already listed some scheduled birding trips on our website for you to choose from. We sincerely invite you to take a look and join one of those birding journeys in which we show you a real and beautiful China—the birds, the people, the wildlife, the flower, the culture, the food and anything you dream about to see.


AlpineBirding Team

2020, 5, 20

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